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Why is AI considered one of the most amazing technologies?

Why is AI considered one of the most amazing technologies?

Artificial Intelligence is the one of the most promising breakthroughs in the field of technology. It just garners more front page headlines every day. Development of the computer intelligence which is as equal to or that exceeds the human intelligence is the heart of the artificial intelligence. The development in technology has always helped to make the world a better place to live in. This form of technology is just fantastic because of the very reason that different technologies can provide ma6chines the ability to learn in a more intelligent way.

The old technologies are always given a new touch by developing them. It has been constant try to develop software and the machines which can portray the human intelligence.AI is a very hot topic which is in the minds of many people and they try to get to the roots of the subject in order to understand what and how it can benefit the humans and reduce the manual labour. In order to improve data security, accuracy and decision making speed, Artificial Intelligence has been invented.

There are various misconceptions about AI where we can only imagine self-moving cars and robots. No, there is more to it. Due to this misconception we fail to realize the fact that with the help of artificial intelligence we can process huge amounts of data generated on daily basis. It has benefited many industries across the world, AI technology have been able to use the resources very efficiently.

When you understand the AI jargon, we can understand the real world applications of this technology. This revolutionizes the way humans interact with data and make several decisions. Since the AI has arrived, cost has reduced instantly because of the increased competition. The technology of AI has been rapidly increasing and the main goals of AI is to create valuable reasoning, natural language processing and also to meet long term goals. There are types of AI because AI itself is a broad concept and there are four categories.

They are weak AI which is also known as Narrow AI. Second is Strong AI which is also known as True AI. This is as smart as the human brain. Artificial superintelligence is the main cause why scientists have raised concerns for the human existence. Learning a programming language will help you better in implementing AI. The subject will blow your mind if it has actually impressed you and you will realize AI is better than human brains in every field.

Deep learning is what artificial intelligence teaches us. Machines can self-educate themselves. One form of deep learning is speech recognition which allows the voice assistants in the smartphones to understand questions like “Hey Siri” !


Hi, this is Vyasa. I have experience in working in quite a lot of industries and over the years whatever experience I have gained, I share it here. I hope that you would enjoy your time reading all the contents that are being shared by me here. Have a pleasant time here.

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