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Things to carry while visiting best trekking place india

Things to carry while visiting best trekking place india

Going for a trek is fun, and what’s more important is the preparation that has been achieved before. The golden rule for trekking is PACK Small. This can be easier to say than to do it takes precise planning and critical thinking. You can only hold the essentials; those for which you would not be able to complete your trek.

Things to carry while visiting best trekking place india

Backpack: The backpack should be light with a lining on the shoulder straps. They’re expected to be relaxed since you’d be bringing them on the entire trek. It’s supposed to be sturdy, waterproof, should have enough room with plenty of pockets.

Clothing: If you’re going to a cold spot, you ought to clothe yourself in blankets. Carry a pair of thermals, a sweatshirt, and a raincoat. Often don’t hesitate to add a pair of extra clothing you need to change. This will keep you dry throughout the night and provide some rest to your trekking clothing. You would even need woolen gloves and socks to keep you warm.

Shoes: Shoes are the soul of your journey, your companions. So, pick them carefully based on the landscape you’re going to trek. If you’ve already got a pair of hiking shoes, check if they’re working on your next hike. And if you’re buying new ones, do some homework and what’s going to fit best, and don’t forget to walk them for a month before a hike.

Sleeping bags and inflatable pillows: when you’re on a walk you can’t expect the comfort of hotels and beds, you’re going to have to spend the nights in tents and probably need a sleeping bag. Buy or rent a sleeping bag, depending on your use and budget. And the inflatable pillow will help you save some space.

Sunscreen lotion/Cold cream: the sun’s rays are direct and heavy on the skin as the sun rises. Wear an SPF 50 or higher sunscreen lotion that will shield you from high UV radiation. Cold creams are just as necessary as the skin appears to be dry and scaly. A cold cream would have the essential moisturizer.

Water bottles: hold two bottles that match your bag comfortably. Access to water will be scarce, so drink the appropriate amount of water and keep your bottles refilled as much as possible. Don’t hesitate to add water purifying tablets to your list for all the hygienic minded people out there.

These are the most important things to carry while visiting the best trekking place india.

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