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Some of the best artificial intelligence examples

Some of the best artificial intelligence examples

Artificial Intelligence and IOT has made a huge impact on human revolution, it has made our life easier and yet very interesting. From accessibility purposes to home automation, IoT is used anywhere from saving energy to managing the garbage and making it easier to work with. IoT maintains and enables machine interaction and makes it fast and simple. This is easier to work as as more technological knowledge is being implemented.

In this article we will list out some of the best artificial intelligence examples which comes under IOT applications that can be found in the market and can be used in our day to day life. To know more kindly continue reading the following below:

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  • Amazon Echo Voice Controller:

As with Google Home, this product is also very well known and very effective. It is capable of playing songs, giving answers to the problem, setting alarms and timers, providing statistics, checking the weather, managing house instruments and doing many other things using IoT.

  • Belkin Smart Light Switch

Belkin’s WeMo light switch is convenient for the user to reach from the wall, via your voice and through your smartphone, their light switches. The system connects to the current home Wi-Fi network to get connected to the IoT infrastructure and gives the user wireless access to the lights.

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  • Google Home Voice Controller:

Being an intelligent It device by accessing the internet, it gives its user the freedom to enjoy having some tasks completed such as alarms, lights, volume control, temperature measurement and many more functions which can be controlled by voice. If someone speaks about the example of iot devices the Google Home name still comes first.

  • August Doorbell Cam:

Company August is a very innovative and effective product. By using IoT it enables the user to react to the doors from any area of the house and even from distant area. It also tries to sense the movement in front of the door through the camera and sensors and to send the user a live feedback of it.

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  • August Smart Lock:

Another great product comes from the August brand that has proven to be a reliable choice for IoT devices for home protection. The user can handle their doors remotely without any hassle. Through this one can always make sure the house doors are always locked and there will be no missing happening.

Overall, these products are available on reputed online or offline stores, you can buy it for yourself or gift it to those who loves technology in their day to day life. If you liked this article based on some of the top artificial intelligence examples then make sure you share this article with your friends and family. Rest assured you will get regular updates in various topics in this website.

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