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InMotion Hosting 2020: Features And Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting 2020: Features And Hosting Plans

There are several web hosts, that provide with the best services available in the web hosting industry and Inmotion is one of them. Inmotion has been providing reliable web hosting services since ages. But reliability is not the only thing they have, they have some of the best web hosting plans and these plans won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Besides that, they also provide some of the best features along with these plans.  


SSD Storages:

Inmotion is one of those web hosts who provides their users with SSD storage. SSD Storage has a huge benefit over the HDD storage as SSD are way faster than the HDD. The reason behind that is the fact that unlike the HDD storages which has physical moving parts, the SSD drives doesn’t have any such thing and thus this make them way faster than the HDD storage drives. Except Inmotion there are only a handful of web host which provide their users with SSD storages. 

90 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Well, most web hosting providers has money back guarantee but the money back guarantee available with Inmotion is probably the highest which is close to 3 months. Whereas other web hosts provide a 30 days money back guarantee. But the money back guarantee applies for only Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Business Plans and only if the term of the plan is over 6 months. Besides this all Dedicated servers and monthly billed packages have a 30-days refund policy.     

Eco Friendly Data Centres:

Just like every other web hosts Inmotion has also been trying to adapt the eco-friendly policies and along with that they have established their first-ever Green Data Centre in Los Angeles, California. They are using advanced air-cooling technology and with that they are able to cut their cooling cost by 70% and not just that they are also able to reduce the carbon output by 2000 tons every year. In fact, Inmotion has also partnered up with “Tree For the Future,” which is an organization dedicated to sustainable agroforestry.  

Daily Automated Backups:

Most companies have daily automated backups and they charge quite a lot of money for this service. But Inmotion on the other provides this service for free! Yes! you read that right, this service is available for free with the Inmotion hosting plans and this adds to the value of the plans. With the other companies the cost of this features is high enough to burn through your wallet.  

Web Hosting Plans:

VPS Hosting:

The VPS hosting plans available with Inmotion are among the best. There are three web hosting plans VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S, & VPS-3000HA-S and these are priced at $29.99, $49.99, & $83.99 per month respectively. They come with a bunch of different features such as the Free SSL certificates, free bandwidth, free storage, etc. The lower plans don’t have that good of variable features but as you up, the features become way better. 

Shared Hosting:

The shared web hosting plans available with Inmotion come packed with quite a lot of features and some of those are unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, free domain, marketing tools, security suite and Free SSL certificates. There are three plans under shared hosting and those are Launch, Power and Pro and these are priced at $6.39, $8.49, $8.49 per month respectively.

Dedicated Hosting:

Inmotion has two types of dedicated servers and those are Managed Dedicated Servers and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers. Both of them has three plans which are named as Essential, Advanced and Elite plan. There have quite a lot of benefits and some of those are Data Transfer, Free IPs, RAID software, free hours of launch assist, etc. The higher the price of the plan., the better features you receive.    


The plans available with Inmotion are affordable and you will get your value for money as they have quite a lot of premium features. There are three shared web hosting plans available with them and they are priced at $6.39, $8.49, $8.49 per month respectively. Now, moving on to the VPS hosting, they have three plans as well and those are priced at $29.99, $49.99, & $83.99 per month respectively. Finally, comes the dedicated servers and discusses above there are the two different types of plans and each has three different plans. The first type has three plans and is priced at $139.99, $189.99, & $259.99 per month respectively. Now, the second type also has three plans are those are available at $99.99, $149.99, & $219.99 per month respectively.


Inmotion doesn’t lag behind when it comes to performance. They promise their users with 99.99% uptime and just like them all the other web hosts do that as well. But how many of them can actually provide what they actually promise? Not that many. They might not be able to provide 99.99% but the uptime available with Inmotion is 99.95% and this easily puts in the top 20 position. But the site load speed available with them is not that great in comparison to the uptime.

Customer Support

Inmotion is the Leader when it comes to Customer support as they are the best in this area. They have a great experienced and professional customer support staff; whose response time quite literally shock you. Alongside that, they are also available 24/7 via, Phone, Live chat and email ticket. They customer support will stick to you until all your queries get answered and solved and that easily is the identity of good service. 


Like every other web host, Inmotion to has quite a lot of grey and black areas but when compared to the white areas, they are not able to put a shadow over them. You will rarely come across such kind of web host that can be reliable and affordable at the same and along with that be able to provide you with top notch features. You can always try them out, if you don’t like you can opt for the money back guarantee. 


Hi, this is Vyasa. I have experience in working in quite a lot of industries and over the years whatever experience I have gained, I share it here. I hope that you would enjoy your time reading all the contents that are being shared by me here. Have a pleasant time here.

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