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How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog

Follow the below steps to know How to start a fashion blog –

  1. Stay true to yourself

Tavi Gevinson tells all aspiring bloggers to “write about what interests you and don’t worry about trends or what other people are talking about right now.” He also cautions, “It’s very easy to know when a writer cares or doesn’t care about what he’s saying; when he does, it can be exciting and fun. When they don’t, it can be painful!”

  1. Find a voice

Noelle Downing of Noelle’s favorite things advises on How to start a fashion blog: “Try to be as consistent as possible and make sure that your content, whether on Instagram or on your blog, is consistent and true for you.”

  1. Keep it up

Noelle also encourages all would-be fashion bloggers not to give up on what they love, saying, “Post regularly and don’t give up! The worst thing you can do is take long breaks not to post – your readers will be really disappointed and will lose your attention. “

  1. Get personal

When asked what differentiates her blog from others, Keiko Lynn shares: “It can be very personal. They know my relationship, my family, my friends. Many personal loves, losses and triumphs have been documented at some point. “

  1. Have fun with fashion

Although it is important to master an aesthetic that her readers know they will find when they visit her blog, Keiko encourages “Experiment” and adds about How to start a fashion blog: “I have gone through several phases, many worthy of fear”, but all of them helped me discover what I liked “

  1. Perfect that personal style

When looking for that signature look, Jag Lever’s Rachel Iwanyszyn “suggests creating a mood board and finding a common factor among the pieces you choose.” She adds, “Also, sometimes I just try everything I like in a store and go through the removal process.”

  1. Be original

Rachel encourages all would-be bloggers to stay true to themselves. “Definitely try to be original and speak your own voice,” she explains. 

  1. Know your time

Although it may vary from one place to another, know when the photos will come out in the most striking way possible (whatever that means for your personal environment). 

  1. Have an entrepreneurial mindset

Lisa Dengler of Just Another Me suggests setting a path from the get-go. Find out what will make you stand out and why someone would want to read your blog about someone else’s. So just go, go, go!

  1. Share content

When Natalie Suárez of Natalie Off Duty started filming for the brands, she said, “I’d say, ‘Send me the pictures, so I can post them on my blog!'”


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