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How to deal with lights in photography?

How to deal with lights in photography?

When you study about the subject of photography in detail, you will come across many factors like portrait, landscape, macro scene and lighting is the most important factor that needs to be considered when you are clicking a photograph. Also, it is one of the most difficult aspects that needs to be considered when you wish to click a high-quality photograph. Lighting can be too harsh and bright at times and it can be dim and dark as well. As a photographer, we need to know what type of lighting will suit our photograph and how it needs to be done.

When you study about photography it is important that you also understand about various types of lighting. It will help you to organize your knowledge about photography. This will also help in ensuring that your results are well and up to the mark. You can also use this technique effectively for light the scenes.

First of all you need to ensure how to set up the three lights. The three important lights in photography are Key light, Fill light and Back Light. The key light is used as the primary light and is the most important lighting point in your shoot. The fill light is used to fill the space which is opposite to the key light. The backlight is used to create a third dimension.

The three point lighting is very effective in creating a three dimensional look. It is necessary to ensure that the lights are placed on three strategic points around the subject. With the help of this technique the subject should be able to represent length, breadth and height.  When you are doing a commercial or corporate video, you should make sure that the ratio is 1:5:1 in order to get a great image.

In some shoots, the photographers also use sun as the primary light or also known as key light. There are various shots in movies where sun is used as the primary light. Light has colour which is also determined as colour temperature. Our eyes detect variations in the colour and it needs to be adjusted at some point. The colour of the light can be controlled with the help of white balance controls which is available on the camera.

The distance between the camera and the subject or the object also determines the quality of the light. It also affects the background of your photograph. If the light source is near to your photography subject, then it will be brightly lit and the background will be in shadow. If the light source is far away, then the subject will be dimly lit and the background will be bright.

It is important to understand the basics of lighting before you start taking photographs.


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