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HostPapa Web Hosting Review: All You Need To Know

HostPapa Web Hosting Review: All You Need To Know

Hosting more than 500,000 websites, HostPapa has been making the world of web hosting even more powerful. This web hosting company has its data centers in US and Canada. When we create a website, its speed, performance and how well it works online, all these parameters are very much important and at HostPapa we are concerned about it.

By hosting our website on the high performance servers, you can ensure that the pages of your websites can be easily navigated with an incredible speed. For hosting, you need enough resources and HostPapa gives you everything that you require to be successfully online which apparently includes web hosting. Emails and also use various necessary business apps.

An attractive website says it all! To make your website informative, productive and customer friendly, HostPapa lets you build beautiful websites which are extremely easy to use and website builders are also provided which will let you build good websites and also install WordPress with a single click.

HostPapa Review: Why Only 20th Out Of 30 Web Hosts?


Great value for money-


  • The security features available at HostPapa are very proactive and there are anti- spam protections like server firewall, monitoring and also intrusion detection. It will ensure domain privacy protection, a dedicated IP address and also automated website backups.
  • With 30 day money back guarantee and good site migration features, you will be helped throughout and also the process of transferring from existing website host to another new host who will further lead the website hosting.


A good uptime is surely the best result of using HostPapa for hosting your websites. It is very evident that most of the websites suffer low uptime and struggle to remain on track when the website is being hosted. HostPapa will take care of it. The speed of the page is also impressive. Their loading speed is pretty decent and also they have been delivering various excellent results in terms of speed and performance.


Customer support has been amazing throughout the years since HostPapa delivers great results in terms of customer support too. Their library is filled with self-help videos which will let you browse accordingly for the problems that you are facing while building your website. They provide phone support in 18 countries and also in different languages which include English, French, Spanish and German. There is a very unique team also known as “PAPA SQUAD EXPERTS” which are extensive walkthroughs with the help of telephone or video conference and to be honest that is the best customer squad ever.


Entry Level Hosting Company- 150

Additional fees has been an issue. This occurs when you request for cancellation of this host, you will be charger $29.95 which is considered to be cancellation fees. Hence it is not a free money back guarantee and also not a free website setup.

Hidden Up sales-

  • It is possible that one individual might have underwent a very smooth customer support experience but it is not necessary that all of us might have faced the same. There have been cases where some had faced certain issues in this case and their customer support experience was average.

Quick Guide to Choosing Your VPS Web Hosting - HostPapa Blog

Plans under HostPapa Hosting

HostPapa provides you with the benefits of three effective plans which are designed keeping in mind that they are customer friendly and also you can enjoy cost benefits.

The basic pricing of HostPapa starts at $3.95 for the first three years. If you go for 24months at $4.95/mo, it will be $118.80 total and if you choose the plan for 12 months at $5.95/mo, it will be $71.40.

The pricing is considered to be very affordable comparatively. You will be getting two websites and also free domain registration, 100GB SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth.

It has also get essential features which will be provided along and they are free website migration, Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate and also free access to their apps and website builders.

What Is Green Web Hosting - HostPapa Blog


Well, HostPapa has been pretty decent in terms of uptime and speed. But that’s not all. There are other parameters too which need to be taken care of while forming and hosting a website. The support integrity issues had been faced and also there are too many hidden fees which need to be mentioned properly while promoting their product. Honestly, there are many other web hosting companies available out there, where you might need to pay huge bucks but that’s okay if they are delivering an excellent performance.


Hi, this is Vyasa. I have experience in working in quite a lot of industries and over the years whatever experience I have gained, I share it here. I hope that you would enjoy your time reading all the contents that are being shared by me here. Have a pleasant time here.

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