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Haunted places in India

Haunted places in India

There are many of us who still believe that if there is God then there is also the presence of supernatural powers. We really don’t want to believe on them at times but there are some harsh realities which we need to accept and move on. Some try their best to avoid all the possible encounters with the paranormal while some of us try to get surrounded by such unusual spirits in order to study about them.

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is one of the most unusual location in India. It is considered one of the most haunted places and also dangerous by the Archaeological Survey of India which has legally prohibited people from entering the fort after dark.

Similarly, Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan is considered to be the selection of the ghostly villages and houses. It is believed that many villagers had gone missing leaving no trace about their whereabouts. It is the curse of the minister of the state which has led to the isolation of the entire village and it remains completely deserted.

Dow hill in West Bengal is considered to be the residence for many unknown spirits whose voices can be heard late in night and even their footsteps can be heard. There are many murdered bodies which were found in the woods and also there have been reports where a headless boy followed many tourists and then disappears into the woods.

Dumas beach in Surat is associated with several mysteries over many years. It is believed that the beach earlier was a burial ground and many restless spirits are said to be walking towards the sea and then disappearing. The beach is not for joy and play and the reports are the evidences.

There are many more scary and haunted places in India which re known for their supernatural happenings and spine chilling stories. People who are fascinated about the ghosts and spirits always try their best in order to get enough evidences in order to prove the truth.


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