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Best Pubs In Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi

Best Pubs In Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi

Want to relax this weekend after long tiring days, the best place to be is pub. It is very necessary to go out and relax for some time and take a break let it be from anything college or work or, maybe, you are just here to just chill with your friends. Pubs have always been the best place to relax and enjoy your time. So here we have some of the best pubs Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. You can visit these pubs with your friends or closed ones to enjoy your day to the fullest. These pubs have outstanding music, amazing ambiance and excellent food that you will be in love with.


Bangalore, also known as the pub hub city in one such city where you can find pubs in every other lane and is said to have the highest number of pubs. Some of the best pubs Bangalore that you can visit for some amazing food and great ambiance are Socials, Bar Stock Exchange, Hoot, Tripsy Bull, Byg Brewsky, Bombay Adda, Bier Library, Bier Garten, and many other places that is a must to visit.


Mumbai, the city of dreams is one of best place to visit pubs. Mumbai is mainly known for its crazy night life and yummiest food that you can have. In Mumbai, people mainly prefer to visit pubs during night mostly on weekends. Some of the best pubs that you can visit in Mumbai are Colaba Socials, Woodside in, Bar Stock Exchange in Andheri, The Bombay Bronx, The Ghetto and more other places.


Delhi, the capital of India, people here have a very busy and fast life. Pubs are the best ways to enjoy your weekend with some great food and amazing music. So, here we have some of the best pubs to visit here such as Privee, the ecstasy, Ruin Pub, Fio cookhouse and bar, Summer house café, Social Offline, Kitty Su and many more other places that you can visit.

So, these are some of the best pubs bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi that you should surely visit if you are somewhere nearby. These places could be added in your top list to visit them an have a great experience. These places have amazing taste in food and unique ambience. Do visit these places to have an amazing and crazy weekend. We hope you have loved these places and our article too. If you did, then do visit again to know more on restaurants and pubs. Feel free to contact us to clear all your queries and doubts.

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