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Best hacking apps android

Best hacking apps android

The term hacking is considered to be one of the most popular illegal word in the world of technology. However, that’s not true. Hacking as a lot of positive use cases as well. It can be utilized to test the security of the network or even find out if anybody is stealing your WiFi. Listed below are the best hacking apps android.


Android Remote Control Tools is AndroRAT’s abbreviation. The software allows you to access stuff like call records, MMS, SMS, latest calls, contacts and other personal information. This is a versatile client server app capable of remotely controlling an Android smartphone. When you install the software, it acts as a background service on the boot so that you no longer have to worry it. It is considered one of the easiest ways to obtain information from an Android smartphone if you have it installed on a client unit.

Network Mapper

Network Mapper is a frontend on the Nmap scanner, and it is one of the most unusual hacking applications on the Google Play Store. Once you install the app, you receive the Nmap scanner process. You can conveniently access available ports, services, hosts, protocol information and some other network details using this program.

NetX Network Tools Pro

NetX Network Tools Pro is one of the most common networking tools for knowledge storage. This method may provide details such as IP address, MAC address, name of NetBIOS, signal strengths, mobile network carrier, subnet mast etc. In addition, this tool saves previously identified devices on the network, if they return. The software basically defends against hacking, but will provide you the requisite details for the testing of the network.


Droidsheep is an efficient wireless network sniffer. When the app is opened, the operation on the network can continue to sniff. You can conveniently intercept all forms of internet interactions with social media, web navigation and various other variables using this app.

NetHunter’s Kali

Kali NetHunter is a quick app, but just on a few computers. It used to be Nexus 5 and 7 but can be used on many more recent computers. The software contains a range of features such as wireless injection, AP mode and fun HID keyboard attacks. Basically, the software runs on your computer as an overlay and gathers Internet traffic. It does not fit on your unit, but if you want to try it, Nexus 5 devices on eBay are inexpensive.

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro

Sniffer Wicap 2 Pro is one of the few strong modern players in Play Shop, and is a network packet catcher. The UI is remarkably elegant given the amount of information that it retrieves. it can sniff WiFi and LTE networks. It has such limits, but root access is not needed for someone to use. There is a free trial and we strongly advise checking it to make sure the case fits since the pro edition is very costly.

And here the list of best hacking apps for android ends. To know more about tech, stay connected to us. Thank you for visiting us.



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