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Analysis Tools For Digital Marketing

Analysis Tools For Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become quite popular within the last few years. Among that, SEO is a vital tool used in digital marketing, and when you start learning it can be very hard to master. SEO tools are designed to get the work done to the consumers and are essential to web marketers, bloggers, and small business owners looking to broaden their ideas through the SEO analytics software. So, SEO is all about making your website look good on the results page of a search engine if a person types a business-related keyword and also critical.

Analysis Tools For Digital Marketing:


WooRank is a freemium tool that offers an “instant website analysis.” You are only allowed to produce a limited number of free reports without a premium account, but you are able to access previously produced reports. The platform also currently provides an unrestricted free trial of 7 days and gives you access to unlimited feedback. Your site’s mobile version is displayed, and the site’s adherence to best practices for mobile optimization is assessed. This quantifies the exposure of your platform on social networks, and it reproduces specific social data found elsewhere.

Site Auditor:

Site Auditor is one of Raven Tools’ SEO tools offered as part of their Internet marketing solution. After running the Site Auditor on your website, the tool will present a report summing up its findings. This gives the web page results of the pace of your site: a numerical score and accompanying best practices related to pace. This section shows the results of the mobile page speed of your site: a numerical user experience score, a number speed score, corresponding best practices for the user experience.

Site Analyzer:

Another free SEO analyzer, Site Analyzer offers 71 data points, which are grouped into 5 categories. The tool presents an overview after you conduct an analysis on your site which includes a global score as well as accessibility, architecture, texts, multimedia, and networking scores. This segment explains how well diverse HTML / CSS elements have been incorporated on your web. This covers internal connections, indexation, and links to popular social networks.

So, these are some of the free analysis tools that you can use for Digital Marketing. There are quite a lot of other tools that you can use but at the moment these tools are said to be the best. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.


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