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A2 Hosting Review!

A2 Hosting Review!

A2 Web host is considered to be one of the fastest and the most reliable one in the family of web hosts. Hosting has to be amazing in order to produce an excellent website and A2 web host has been successfully hosting several websites online. Since 2001, many website designers and business organizations have been trusting A2 for their rapid speed and the extraordinary customer support that they have been delivering us all these years. The best part about A2 web hosting is that they are extremely customer friendly and also the web host plans which are available can meet our expectations too. When we compare several web hosts available in the market, A2 surely stands out.

Pros Of A2 Hosting

While selecting a web host for the sake of your website, it is necessary to choose something which is as bigger and better like A2 web host. It is complete with amazing speed which means it is faster than all the other web hosting solutions. A2 is officially the best web hosting provider in the business.

This web host is independently owned and they are completely under control of all their servers. Ultimately it is the greatest plus point when you consider the monopoly of several hosting providers in the market. The affordability is a good option here. Along with that the other features which support this web host are speed, security and excellent customer support.

A2 Hosting Reviews 2020: Are They Secure? Reliable? Fast?

There is nothing like a perfect web host. For a web designer, the perfect web host is the one which will absolutely support their website in all possible ways. It should also take care of your goals, expertise and most importantly budget.

 Performance (Uptime & Loading Speed)

In today’s busy world, it is hard on our side to spend all of our time on just managing our website. Once you choose A2 web hosting, you will notice how quickly all your website files are served and managed. Speed is an important part for good outcomes. This web host will ensure that your website’s running speed is maintained and all the required files are sent to the visitor’s browser as quickly as possible. Also, A2 is a great performer in terms of all variables. Optimization is extremely taken care of here.

Global Data Centres

A2 web host has been serving millions of websites globally. When you consider the speed and other variables for a web host to be the best option, the physical location of the servers is very important. The visitor of your website might need to extract loads of files and since speed matters a lot, it is important to ensure that both you and your audience get the benefit of the nearest hosting point.

A2 hosting has been owning all the high powered and totally reliable web servers which are technically monitored all the time by well efficient engineers. The important websites and data are very secure when it is hosted by A2. Hosting services are provided by the data centers which are situated around the world so that web hosting is never a problem. They have data center options at Michigan and Arizona in USA, Amsterdam in Europe and Singapore in Asia.

A2 Hosting Review 2019: Performance and Speed Tests - Make ...

Cons of a2 hosting

Everything in this business has its own advantages and disadvantages. We might come across certain complaints regarding the pricing of A2 web host. The price point of each plan that has been introduced under A2 hosting are technically fixed considering domains, databases and disk space as important variables.

Basically A2 hosting has four main tiers for Linux Hosting. The Startup comes at the price of $8.99/mo when renewed, Drive comes at the price of $11.99/mo when renewed, Turbo Boost at the price of $19.99/mo after renewal and Turbo Max comes at the price of $24.99/mo once renewed.

The renewal pricing policy is only for the 2year plans which is a disadvantage and also when you focus on the discounting part, it is quite high and can be a good option when compared with other web host competitors. When you go for pricing where you have to pay annually, the renewal price at the end is high.

A2 Hosting Review 2020 - what do our experts think of this company?

Now when you talk about upsells, it is apparently not a bad idea to practise upsells. But for a better outcome, it is necessary that the upsells should be properly made understood and clear to the viewers. A2 hosting is not doing so great when it comes to upsells and offers. Also when you check out the configurable options, several doubts had been raised.

Is A2 Hosting the right one for me?

A2 hosting is one of the fastest, reliable and the most independent hosting companies. With great customer support services and excellent products, A2 hosting will definitely be a good host for your websites. More importantly it is necessary to choose a web host which is absolutely compatible with your website and A2 hosting is the perfect option.


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