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WIX Reviews: All You Need To Know

WIX Reviews: All You Need To Know

Wix is a website builder that helps you building your website in a very simplified manner. Your website will be available on their servers and every time you want to access your website, you have to go through their admin panel to do that. In short, everything needs to be carried on their interface. The process of building your website with the help of Wix is very simple as mostly what you need to do is drag and drop.

Wix also has quite a lot of features and one of its best features is the Wix Templates. Wix comes with lots of templates to choose from and they are categorized in such as way that it becomes easy for you to choose to according to the niche you have in mind. Apart from that it also has a App market that lets you choose third party apps that help you in building your website with ease.

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Features of Wix:

Competitive Pricing  

The pricing of the plans available with Wix are very competitive as there are four different plans available with Wix.


This is the most basic plan that is available with Wix. It has been priced at $13 per month and it come with features such as Free domain for 1-year, 20GB bandwidth, 3 GB Storage, 30 video minutes and removal of Wix ads.


The plan comes with all the features that is available with the Combo plan and also has a few additional features such as $300 ad voucher, site booster app, etc. It has been priced at $17 per month.


The pro plan has been priced at $22 per month and it has all the upgraded features of the unlimited plan. Such as it comes with 20 GB storage, 2 video hours and it also has unlimited bandwidth.


The best plan available with Wix and it has been priced at $39/month. It comes with all the features available with the pro plan and besides that it comes with first priority support.

15 Wix Apps from the Wix App Market to use in 2020 - Visitor Analytics

Wide Range of Templates:

One of the biggest benefits of using Wix is that it comes with hundred of templates. Now, unlike other website builders the templates available with Wix get updated with all the latest trends, in short you can call them premium templates as well and they are categorized is a systematic way.

The best part about using these templates is that they don’t need any coding skills or even designing skills. You just have to drag and drop and besides that the templates are made is such a way that they fit both mobile and tablet screens. But there is just one minor issue, Wix doesn’t allow the you to change the templates when the website is created.

Great Website Builder

You might have come across other website builders but Wix’s website builder site at the top of all website builders. Well the templates are a kind of ready-made website and all that you need do is select them and you can start publishing content. Even if that is an issue for you then you can also use the dummy contents that come with the templates.

Basic tweaks such as editing the dummy text or adding sliders are so easy with the Wix website builder. If you are a bit creative then you can quite easily transform your template into something very unique. The website builder also comes with a huge gallery of premium photos and videos that you can use on your website.

Speed & Security:

All the websites are hosted on Wi’s servers and they are configured in such a way that the users can get the maximum benefits. The sites are very responsive and they load very fast as well. These are very ideal for beginners as they need to learn a lot of things. And as for security, the websites are very secure, the sites are monitored by professionals 24/7 to ensure that there isn’t any kind of breach.

Powerful Features for Your Website |

 Powerful Customers Support

The customer support available with Wix is very powerful and responsive and they can solve any issues quite fast. The reason behind this is that Wix run of a private platform. If you face any problem with your website, then you can contact the customer service available with Wix by raising a ticket or by email. They also have a huge knowledge base, by using which you can quite easily solve your own issues. If the matter is very urgent, then you can just contact them via telephone.

Advanced SEO Tools

There are quite a lot of built-in SEO tools that will help you in ranking high in the search engine results. These tools are very advanced and with the help of these tools you can tweak header codes, customize the URLs and along with that you can even edit the meta descriptions and titles with ease.

If you are need of more SEO tools then you can download them from Wix’s app market. There are quite a lot of tools that will help you in keyword research, etc.


Wix makes it quite easy for people to make marvellous website within the span of a few hours. The templates available with Wix are a kind of website in their own and all you need to do is add them. You can just edit them the way you want. Wix is a one-stop online solution for small business and personal websites. There might be some drawbacks but they are no deal breaker and alongside that Wix won’t cost you that much.


Hi, this is Vyasa. I have experience in working in quite a lot of industries and over the years whatever experience I have gained, I share it here. I hope that you would enjoy your time reading all the contents that are being shared by me here. Have a pleasant time here.

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