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What Are The Travelling Guidelines You Must Follow Post COVID

What Are The Travelling Guidelines You Must Follow Post COVID

Travelling is one of the most important part of every person and government organisation in this world. Since 2020 is a year where we have seen a huge pandemic around the globe and the entire world were in lock-down phase, no person were allowed to move from any part of the city to another city or state or another country as well. But now as we are in the month of September most of the countries had already started unlocking and started national and international travel as well. So, since travelling is one of the crucial stage of spreading the harmful Corona Virus from one place to another, all the state and country’s Government’s and health authorities has set up few mandatory guidelines for Air travel to control the spread of this virus and let the passengers have safe journey from origin to the destination. This article will brief you some of the mandatory travelling guidelines adapted by most of the countries to control the spread of this virus. Let us check out few of them below:

  • Online booking and Web Check-in:

To control public gathering at various booths or stands of airports authorities has done mandatory online booking and Web Check-in before arrival at any airports. You just need to reach at the airport and with the help of your E-Boarding pass you can simply tag and drop your baggage at the required spot and go ahead for security checks.

When and how: Post-coronavirus travel in the EU is up in the air | Europe|  News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 28.04.2020

  • Mandatory COVID Test:

Authorities has also done a mandatory requirement for a valid and authenticated COVID Negative test report before entering at any airport entrance. This is very crucial for all the passengers travelling, you will also be thermally scanned your body temperature and your oxygen level will also be monitored before boarding.

  • Face Shield, Hand Gloves, Hand Sanitiser is  Must:

Well in this tough period the need of face shield, wearing hand gloves and carrying a hand sanitiser is must for every passenger travelling. You should also maintain physical distancing with your fellow passengers and avoid touching other’s belongings in the flight.

Global tourism takes major hit as virus halts Chinese travel | PBS NewsHour

  • Use of Lavatory is also Prohibited:

Use of toilets is also prohibited in any aircraft you travel, but yes if there is any emergencies you can use that but with proper sanitation and hygiene.

Well these all were some of the must follow travelling guidelines one should adapt while migrating from any city, state or country. This pandemic has taught us many things and either its the mistake or any positive vibe you can take its all upon you.

We hope you liked this article and wish to see you soon again.

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