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Top smart home technology gadgets

Top smart home technology gadgets

Were you aware that smart home technology occupies over 25% of American homes? It is estimated that by 2023 that this figure will hit 47%! Smart home devices are a must in the real estate world if a house is a luxury home. Even if you might be using some bits of smart technology like an Amazon Echo speaker or an intelligent home monitoring device in your building, if you really want to stand out, you’ll have to install luxurious smart home technologies. Luxury devices look fantastic, work with other intelligent devices effortlessly and make life even more interesting.

You’ve come to the right location, if your home is ready for a high tech touch up. We showcase the best premium goods on the market for intelligent home technology. These devices can enhance the safety, performance and comfort of your home. Listed below are the smart home technology gadgets

Kuna Smart Outdoor Security Light

One of the best choices for clever outdoor lighting on the market is Kuna Smart Outdoor Security Lamp. It features a secure camera and a WI-FI network, meaning you can track your front porch with an internet link from anywhere in the world.

When Kuna senses gestures, it sends a warning to your intelligent system automatically. The live camera feeds will detect who is at the door

U3 WI-FI Smart Light Switch

The smart Light Switch Iotty U3 WI-FI is a perfect alternative to convert a simple house into an intelligent home. This obviously basic device enables you to configure your lights on a schedule that suits the needs of your family. Or just turn it on if you are a GPS optimized block away from home.

By tracking electricity usage, you will also ensure that the lights operate as well as possible. Your intelligent light switch changes your lighting automatically to save you dollars. You may also schedule it to adapt to the local weather and adjust the lighting to the gloomy outside or to rot.

Honeywell Round Smart Thermostat

What if you could make sure your house was still warm without the thermostat needing to get up and adjust? Oh, this can be a fact with the Honeywell Round Smart Thermostat. This software helps you to set your desired temperature and controls and runs the climate so that your home is still comfortable. It can also test and adjust the humidity in the air.


You should still regularly operate the clever thermostat so that the A/C is in place throughout the day, start cooling off whilst you’re at work, and turn off at night to ensuring you’re able to sleep deeper.

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