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Top Free Applications for Productivity to Use

Top Free Applications for Productivity to Use

With the existence of the smartphone’s in the market, they are more and more productive apps are releasing for Android and iOS devices. The applications will make things easier for you in very less time and also improve our management skills while planning on something. So, these productivity apps will benefit you in the long run when you have a habit of forgetting things that are important then by using apps will save our precious time when you are using the best productivity apps which can benefit us. Below are the top free applications for productivity to use.


Lucidchart Review | PCMag

Lucidchart’s features will improve your productivity by offering high-quality visual creating with simple keyboard shortcuts or a quick click of the mouse. To use this tool, simply create a custom document or choose from multiple templates to get you started. So, Lucidchart is more than just a personal productivity tool and can be used to keep your entire team on crack. Collaborate within the software by simply tagging team members.


CloudApp is a highly intuitive visual communication tool for saving your team up to 56 hours a week. So, whether you are communicating with a colleague, a customer, or a client; the app’s screenshot, webcam recording, GIF creating, and image annotation features can help you get your point across faster. Also, another good thing about this application is that you do not bother writing lengthy, complex emails, simply show people what you mean.


Slack has a new logo because the last one was 'simply awful'

The slack is the communication application where major corporations like Target, Capital One, and Oracle will use a frequently because it has incredible productivity booster. Slack is the best productivity apps where you can communicate with your office people. So, Slack is more than just an email alternative where you can share documents, video chat, and send GIFs inside applications. To really boost productivity, integrate your other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, and CloudApp.

The above-mentioned applications are considered as the best productivity apps where it gives many features while using these applications. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the top free applications for productivity to use. Thanks for reading!


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