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Simple Modern House Designs

Simple Modern House Designs

                                                                                                                                                    Interior designers and the Architects responsibility is to create draw plans and concepts and later on bring it to life by the General contractors. However, the architects creates the plans and designs for the outdoors and then the simple modern house designs  building is developed.

India is country of rich culture and history, it is mesmerizing to see how the architects and designers try to bring the contexts into the modern designing. In this article we will be discussing about some of the most uniquely build modern houses that are turning heads away due to its amazing size, shape and beautiful architecture.

One Storey- Unique Design

Natural surroundings are the best option to choose for building a house as it is the perfect choice for your health as well as for the home. The designs are numerous to choose from. For instance, the above given architecture is beautiful piece of design standing on the pillars of simplicity and thoughtful of architecture. And the slanting curved walls are a treat to watch, giving a complete different look to the space

Musical Home

Musical rain in dresden -Regenwasserspiel - YouTube

As the name suggests, the house depicts the structure of piano and the best thing about building such a house doesn’t really require a large area coverage. For musical lovers, a home like this will definitely bring them closer to their dreams.

Solar House

Solar House is a spectacular way making use of the natural light. The above crafted design shows you the best way to utilize the natural resources if you plan for a front face house like this. Use solar panels to make the most of it and to eliminate the expenses of electricity bills.

Wavy design for home

Simple yet elegant, a wavy design for home is a beautiful choice to make. A basic, regular structured house covered under a wavy terrace with supporting poles on the front and this make terrace stand out from the usual, boring design always.

Large entrance with wide home

Large entrance gives a royal look to the entire house of yours along with wide home is one of the most iconic structural design to prefer. Create a porch like entrance from the entry gate. Decorate the meshes, use flowers and plants for the decoration of the same.

Hope, the above listed architecture has inspired you to build a masterpiece for oneself. To know more about simple modern house design, stay connected to us.

Do share your reviews about the same.

Thank you for your time.

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