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Interior design ideas for apartments

Interior design ideas for apartments

Trying to make a new apartment feel like home can be difficult, especially when the space you have to work with is small. It doesn’t help that (usually) you can’t make permanent changes. And to top it all off, your place may have weird dimensions or awkward features that you have no idea what to do with … Phew!

  1. Light it with wall sconces

If you are looking for Interior design ideas for apartments that involve lighting, wall sconces are the way to go. These babies light up your home without wasting valuable space on the floor or table surface (unlike a thicker table lamp).

What is even better? Many wall sconce options can be attached to the wall so you don’t have to worry about the entire wiring problem. Some even rotate, giving you additional flexibility with your lighting.

  1. Keep furniture off the floor

Kind of like your mom used to say “keep your feet off the couch,” one of the best apartment design ideas involves keeping furniture off the floor.

Why? Because nothing makes a small space seem even smaller like a bulky sofa lying on the floor. Instead, try using furniture that sits high on the floor to make your small space look wider. Parts with long, tapered legs, like this sofa, are a perfect choice.

  1. Lay a mat on your mat

One of the best Interior design ideas for apartments is to cover the unattractive floor with a nice rug. This works if you have hardwood, tile, or rugs that just don’t do it for you.

A rug not only adds style, but it also helps define zones in your design. Plus, the rugs are easy to roll up and carry, meaning you can invest knowing you can go to your next place.

  1. Divide your space with your furniture

Many small apartments do not have separate dining and living rooms (or even separate rooms if you are living the study life).

One of the best small apartment design ideas is to use the back of your sofa to act as a wall dividing a large living/dining room into two separate areas. Another one of our favorite tricks is to use a bookshelf as a partition between your room and living spaces. Voila: Your studio apartment is now one bedroom!

  1. Try an uneven mat

Sometimes it is better to skip a rectangular mat and adopt an irregular choice. After all, a carpet that is clearly too big or too small will simply draw attention to the size of your room.

Rather try an irregularly shaped rug or a round rug. This will create a flow sensation and fill most of the floor space without drawing attention to the small size of your room.


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