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How To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Not Working

How To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Not Working

When it comes to graphics cards, there is nothing better than Nvidia graphics cards. There are quite a lot of reasons for that and among all of these one of the most prominent reason is that all the users of Nvidia have the advantage of tweaking their graphic card settings with the help of the control panel. But along with this advantage there is a disadvantage or a simple drawback and which is the fact that the control panel of the graphics card is missing some of the time. But there are a few fixes that can used to get that control panel back.

How to Revive the “Missing Nvidia Control Panel”

So, as we have talked about the fact that in some cases the control panel of the Nvidia graphic cards seem to be missing. And there are few ways by which one can revive those control panels. So, what are these ways by following which a control panel of Nvidia can be revived? Well, the solutions have been provided down below. We hope that these would be of help to you.

Guide: Support Guide from Nvidia:

There is quite a lot suggestion that are made by the support centre of Nvidia and almost all solutions work perfectly fine. So, the solution that has been mentioned below has been suggested by Nvidia support centre and we are very sure that will work very easily for you. So, follow the steps just the way they have mentioned and everything will work out very easily.

  • To begin the process, you need to go in to the safe mode first. To do that, you can press the Windows key and the 1 Key together and that will take you to the desired location. Or what you can do is click on the gear button which appears after you click on the start menu. If you are unable to find the gear button, then you can check bottom left corner of the screen after the start menu appears.
  • After that is done, you need to click on the Update and Security option. Now after that is done you are required to go to the advanced start-up section and there you are required to select Restart option.
  • Now after your PC restarts you are required Press F4 to go into the safe mode. That should only be done when the boot screen appears.

There is a Nvidia folder present on your hard disk. So, what you need to do is delete the folder from your hard disk and along with that you also need to uninstall the driver.

And that’s it. So, by now your control panel should be back and you will able to use it without any hassle. We hope the information has been of help to you.


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