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How to Develop Blockchain App?

How to Develop Blockchain App?

Blockchain is the future and the hype around it is justified with the kind of revolution it promises to bring. As blockchain developers see enormous demand for them in the market, there is a sure indication of an upward trend in the blockchain industry. As an increasing number of people across the globe demand blockchain technology and related talent, it is crucial to have some education based around it. 

If you are looking to join the bandwagon and learn how to develop blockchain app, here are some important aspects to know.

Types of Blockchains

How To Develop A Blockchain Application - The Startup - Medium

Blockchain app development can be based on either permission solutions or permission-less blockchain solutions. Permissioned solution is like a closed ecosystem, which allows only authorized users to act, depending on their roles. There are a number of rules surrounding permission solutions. When it comes to the permission-less blockchain solution, the entire network is accessible from any computer or device. Anyone is allowed to access the code, start a transaction, and verify a transaction, as examples. 

Development Platforms

In order to build a blockchain solution, there are multiple platforms that can be chosen from. EOS is a platform that has smart contract potential. It allows for decentralized application hosting and even decentralized storage as far as enterprise solutions are concerned. It eliminates some of the scalability issues that exist in other platforms. It also does away with the fees that could be otherwise incurred by the users. If you are looking to create an advanced blockchain solution, then hyperledger might be the right platform for you. Blockchain apps for supply-chain management are generally based on hyperledger.


Who are the best Blockchain app development experts? - Quora

Programming languages have to be selected in order to develop a blockchain app. Traditional languages like C++, Java, etc. can come in handy and you can also choose advanced languages like Simplicity or solidity, which are more blockchain specific. In order to go for smart contract development, simplicity is generally preferred. It is easy and employs some static analysis. Solidity allows for self-regulated business logic in blockchain development and can allow you to leave an authoritative record of most transactions.

Time and Money Investment

Blockchain development can take anywhere from 150 to 200 hours to build. On average, front-end development can take about 500 hours and design can consume about 150 hours. Depending on the kind of features that you plan to add to the blockchain app, the cost can vary accordingly. The best estimates can be sought from professional developers. 


Blockchain apps are generally built with the idea of providing quality when it comes to transparency, security as well as flexibility. Since it is expected to impact an increasing number of users, you need to constantly focus on building it with quality. Everyday life is going to be dependent on blockchain apps in the near future and in order to build credibility, it is critical to employ quality at each stage.

Several start-ups and even established businesses are beginning to focus on blockchain development. It is surpassing every field, from healthcare to telecom, and even banking is one of the examples. As blockchain application development is gaining momentum, there is a definite need to have sufficient education to address the question ‘how to develop blockchain app’.


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