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Home office desk ideas

Home office desk ideas

Home office desk ideas are the following –

Desks for small spaces

Whether you move your work from an office to your home, or just need a place to surf the web, pay bills, or scan emails, you’ll be more productive with a well-designed office workspace. But what if you don’t have room for a real home office? It won’t be a problem if you can find the perfect Home office desk ideas. To give you inspiration, here are some great solutions for small spaces, from floating furniture to vertical lifts.

Floating window desk

This window niche is surely pretty, but its angles created a strange corner that wasted space. Enter Pause Design, who turned this funky place into a functional workspace with a custom floating desk designed to fit the space. Weird angled corners like this are awkward for most commercial furniture pieces, and a custom hanging desk like this is the perfect solution.

Modern mid-century style

Modern, low-rise furniture works in small spaces because pieces like these don’t carry much visual weight. This vintage 1950s writing desk in a Paris apartment decorated by Marion Alberge is a prime example. Its beautiful wood finish and compact design make it a stylish fit for the small living room. A tall, vintage shelf used to store office supplies completes a perfectly functional home office space.

Tiny Alcove Workstation

Making every inch count in a tiny home can be tricky. In this mobile home, interior designer Megan Georgopoulos takes on the challenge by filling an empty gap in the room with a small built-in desk and a cork bulletin board.

Lucite Desk

In small spaces, large pieces of solid furniture can be oppressive, so why not become invisible? Consider Home office desk ideas by purchasing a crystalline Lucite desk. This one is a New York studio of interior designer Tara Benet apparently disappears into thin air. A small pink filing cabinet serves as both office storage and a side table.

Surround counter

Rather than trying to squeeze a traditional desk in this small home office, the CDK Architects design team installed a hanging, wrap-around wooden counter. By doing so, more space was made for shelving and other storage solutions that were added later. Open floor space under a freely hanging desk or counter allows chairs to move freely and provides places to store filing cabinets and storage boxes.


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