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Best Indian Interior Designers

Best Indian Interior Designers

Interior design is an emerging field these days and many interior designers are entering the market because of this. Interior designers are important in making your home a home. They are highly creative and competent in their fields which helps us to make a beautiful home. There are so many interior designers in the world but today we will be discussing the top Indian interior designers who are well established and doing pretty good in interior design.

Best Indian Interior Designers:

Aamir Sharma:

He’s an interior designer based in Hyderabad who’s created Testa Rosa Cafe and Lotus Palace Restaurant. His research includes a specialty in artistic creativity that is hard to miss and this is something that everyone should note. This makes him distinct from other interior designers. He is a big name in the interior design industry and he loves describing his designs as both playful and creative. He has a company named the interior designers and contractors Aamir and Hameeda.

Manit Rastogi:

He is a founding partner in Morphogenesis, a business. He has expertise in creative design as well as sustainability. Because of his outstanding work, he has won several national and international awards that include top interior designers from India in many media houses where he was first. He has planned a Pearl Academy in Jaipur, a Gurgaon corporate office in Harley Davidson, and an auditorium in the Chettinad health district.

Twinkle Khanna:

She is a former Bollywood actress who began her career as interior designers in 1998 as the site supervisor for a famous Mumbai architect and is one of India’s top interior designers. She created her own interior design firm in 2000 and named it The White Window. It is a retail store with home furnishings. She has experience in successfully handling residential, commercial, and hospitality design projects.

Gauri Khan:

We used to know her earlier as the wife of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh khan but now Gauri Khan has made her own place in the field of interior design. She has introduced various Bollywood celebrities to her portfolio as clients. In Mumbai, she has a studio called The Design Cell, the result of her passion for interior designs.

So, these are some of the best Interior designers in the country. We hope that this has been of help to you. For further queries do leave a comment below and we will get back to you asap.


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