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3 best places in south India

3 best places in south India

It is no mystery that India can become very hot and damp because it is a tropical country and the summer is also very hot. The South of India is cooler and closer to the equator. That is why it is always untenable during the months of April to June. The people of South India sweat abundantly in summer months, but luckily there are also many retreats in this area providing an agreeable break from the sun. You can’t only get away from the sun, but even there are areas where you can easily chill and enjoy all your fun and adventure. Here are best places in south India


Munnar is renowned for its amazing green hillside and beautiful plantations covering paths, which is among the more famous hills in South India. Over the summer the hills of Munnar come alive and many people come for a holiday. There are a lot of tea plantations here and there are also some coffee and spices. You will have a very quiet time by walking through the plantations. See how the tea blades are made to give you the flavourful tea that you have in the Lockhart tea factory. The viewpoint of Pothmedu provides a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and is also a popular place to visit the Muniyara Dolmen.


With its breathtaking elegance and the full spectrum of enjoyable and exciting activities, Wayanad, in Kerala, will leave you speechless. Not only are the slopes of Wayanad beautiful, but the local society is very cosmopolitan and still has its own heritage that people want to share and to promote. You will admire the flora and fauna of the hills and the biodiversity of the national park. The tea plantations here are perfectly placed and you can walk to Chembra Peak if you want to practise yourself and enjoy an aventure. The area has also a tradition that is filled with by the locals.


Located in Tamil Nadu, this hill town is a loved summer trip for the South of India residents. In the hills of this town, Chennai people always come to avoid the sun. The weather is warm all year long, especially the summers are pleasantly cool and comfortable. During the night, the temperature will drop a little, and you should wear warm clothing. There are some beautiful trees that are a joy to stroll around here. The many gorgeous paths leading from the area make walking in Kodaikanal extremely playing. For adventure activities such as rock and paragliding there are several arrangements.

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